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Graphic Designer

Professional Pickleballer

“Vulnerability is having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome.”
— Brene Brown

Areas of Expertise

Digital design, graphic design, project management, concept creation, editing


B.S. in Graphic Design with a minor in Printing Science from Western Michigan University


With LKF Marketing from 1999-2008 and back since 2021, in marketing since 1986

Description of Duties

Our Debbi is anything but a downer. Always brightening up the office with her warmth and kind words, Debbi is an artistic collaborator who uses her graphic design skills to bring client projects to life. We love it when we see our clients have an “Aha!” moment, and when we show them designs from Debbi, we tend to witness those moments more frequently.

Inspired by seeing the colors, textures, and shapes in nature, Debbi is a creative through and through. Give her the overall message, and she’ll visually assemble the pieces and parts until it’s a perfectly put-together portraiture. (We like alliteration. Can you tell?)

Fun Facts

Family takes priority for Debb, especially when it comes to her kids, Kevin, Morgan, Kelsi, and Logan. As she puts it, she birthed two of them, raised three, and loves all four! Debbi lives an active lifestyle and enjoys things like pickleball, running, soccer, camping, hiking, and flower gardening. Her petite and athletic stature comes in handy as she frequently stops and bends down to pick up beautiful rocks during her hikes.

With her energetic positivity, creative inspiration, and impressive collection of salt and pepper shakers, what’s not to love about Debbi? We’re giddy to have her as part of our crew!