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Account Manager

Swiss Army Knife

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”

Areas of Expertise

Project management, media buying and scheduling, analytics, web management


B.B.A. in Advertising and Promotion from Western Michigan University's Haworth College of Business


With LKF Marketing since 2017, In marketing since 2015

Description of Duties

Dylan's desire to help out wherever and however needed goes much further than his "Account Manager" title suggests. Confident under pressure and available for media planning input at a moment’s notice, Dylan’s eagerness to learn all the ins and outs of LKF’s business approach has turned him into a marketing Swiss Army Knife!

When he's not compiling web reports, assisting with media placements, and managing client and vendor databases, Dylan pitches in where needed to help account executives keep their projects moving by researching, proofing, posting, and whatever else needs to be done.

The additional energy and enthusiasm Dylan brings to the agency helps our account executives to concentrate and move work through the agency more quickly and efficiently.

Fun Facts

Dylan is our resident music man. He has played drums since he was 9 years old and enjoys playing music with his band. When not on the stage himself, Dylan also enjoys listening to records and attending music shows.

Some of his concert-going experiences are even infamous. When Dylan was 10 years old he went to an acoustic Jon Bon Jovi show. As he was walking out, Dylan stuck his hand out and accidentally slapped the rocker across his face.

Looking back, Dylan said, "He was very perplexed. I hope he remembers."