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Junior Developer

Automation Architect

“It's not about getting what you want, it's about wanting what you got.”
— Sheryl Crow

Areas of Expertise

Web development and programming, information technology (IT), data analytics, automation development


Currently working toward B.S. in Computer Science from Western Michigan University; expected graduation in 2025


With LKF Marketing since 2023, in computer science since 2017

Description of Duties

Jordan is quickly becoming one of our favorite team members (who are we kidding, he’s been a favorite since he started!) because his programming and automation skills seriously make our jobs easier. Need to automate your PR sends? What about streamlining your project management system? Jordan isn’t just your guy, he’s that dude.

The LKF team was lucky to connect with Jordan through Higher Promise, a summer internship program facilitated by The Kalamazoo Promise (who is also one of our clients!) After only a few weeks into his programming internship, we knew we couldn’t let him get away. Now as Junior Developer, Jordan tackles various web-related tasks, assists our Developer and Security Officer, Jeremy, and helps create magic with the rest of the LKF Makers’ team!

Fun Facts

Beyond the realm of coding and web development, Jordan is a creative soul at heart. His passion for video game development combined with writing and playing music lends a symphonic note to his tech-driven world. Perhaps this was ignited by playing the keyboard in a family band at 7 years old!

Jordan’s pet peeve is paid subscription services, so he’ll pass on ‘Netflix and chill’. Instead you can catch him playing video games in hopes of one day he’ll design and play his very own survival-sandbox game. Maybe he'll include the LKF team as characters!