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LKF redesigned Kessenich’s website with the goal of reaching newer audiences.

After Kessenich’s logo was produced, LKF began putting together an updated website that would fulfill the client’s needs as a foodservice organization. The site needed to have an interface that allowed clients to easily make purchases as well as utilize a creative design.

We set out to show Kessenich’s as the national leader in the foodservice equipment industry and is passionate for the work they do. To accomplish this, organic images of Kessenich’s past projects and staff members in action were used to demonstrate the company’s practice of stopping at nothing to ensure clients’ needs are met.

The site’s color motif followed Kessenich’s brand standards, using small amounts of red whenever necessary. Silvers and blues were also used to match the stainless-steel equipment one might find in a commercial kitchen. Lastly, the text used on the site was stylized in a way that complemented Kessenich’s updated logo.

To compliment the design choices on the website, LKF created simplified navigation allowing users to see Kessenich’s prior works and easily connect with the products they need. Clear calls to action and information about the Kessenich’s team are also integrated throughout the site.

Live since May 2019, the site serves as an organized tool assisting Kessenich’s in reaching markets in its home state of Wisconsin and beyond.

Kessenich's website received a Silver Davey Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts in 2019.

Services Provided

Account service, copywriting, graphic design, programming, search engine optimization, strategic planning, website architecture planning

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