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Branding Veteran Benefits

In September 2019, LKF Marketing set to work assisting Livingston County Veterans Services (LCVS) of Howell, Mich., with creating and promoting a new, recognizable brand identity. Having worked alongside government agencies in the past, LKF was up to the challenge!

As a department within Livingston County’s government, LCVS’ goal is to ensure that each veteran residing within the county is aware of the services and benefits they are eligible to receive. To meet this need, LKF created a logo, style guide, and letterhead for LCVS use. Each of these pieces follow a classic yet simple design that is recognizable to audiences from all walks of life.

As needs arise, LKF continues to support LCVS’ goals from a branding standpoint and helps the organization spread awareness of their services and offerings.

Services Provided

Account service, experience design, graphic design, project management
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