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When Need Meets Convenience

Recognizing the need for portable sinks in the age of COVID-19, VersiSink provides consumers with a functional and affordable way to stay clean. LKF Marketing’s professional relationship with VersiSink began in spring 2020, before the product even had a name. After working with LKF at a previous employer, the VersiSink founder partnered with LKF to launch the new product.

LKF’s primary goals include highlighting the advantages of purchasing and utilizing a VersiSink. When a customer buys a sink, they are getting a functional, modern, and affordable product that will help them stay clean even when a traditional water source isn’t available.

Working with VersiSink since its inception, LKF developed a logo, brand identity, and promotional materials.

Services Provided

Account service, copywriting, experience design, graphic design, photography, search engine optimization, strategic planning, usability and accessibility analysis, website architecture planning

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