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When Need Meets Convenience

Recognizing the need for portable sinks in the age of COVID-19, VersiSink provides consumers with a functional and affordable way to stay clean. LKF Marketing’s professional relationship with VersiSink began in spring 2020, before the product even had a name. After working with LKF at a previous employer, the VersiSink founder partnered with LKF to launch the new product.

LKF’s primary goals include highlighting the advantages of purchasing and utilizing a VersiSink. When a customer buys a sink, they are getting a functional, modern, and affordable product that will help them stay clean even when a traditional water source isn’t available.

During the partnership, LKF developed a logo, brand identity, and promotional materials. Due to changes at VersiSink's parents company, the VersiSink product is no longer available.

Services Provided

Account service, copywriting, experience design, graphic design, photography, search engine optimization, strategic planning, usability and accessibility analysis, website architecture planning

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