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Developing a new product and website to sell it go hand-in-hand.

Some of the best projects are secret projects. While the creators of VersiSink were fine tuning product features and shipping logistics, LKF was developing a website to promote and sell the portable sinks.

Launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, the VersiSink site is both informative and easy to navigate. Focusing on how essential workers, families, and businesses can utilize the VersiSink to promote cleanliness and provide access to washing capabilities when traditional sinks are not available, the content invites visitors to be proactive about their health and use the sink to support their lifestyle in a variety of ways.

Information about free shipping and access to customer support via phone and chat are also featured backing the brand’s accessible nature and wide reaching usefulness.

Aesthetically, the website employs a color scheme that follows the clean and sanitary brand tone. Imagery from a series of LKF-organized photoshoots shows the VersiSink in use as well as its features.

Live since August 2020, VersiSink’s site serves as an effective tool for promoting the company’s brand and selling its versatile product.

Services Provided

Account service, copywriting, experience design, graphic design, photography, programming, search engine optimization, strategic planning, usability and accessibility analysis, website architecture planning

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