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Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Samurai

“Don’t criticize them; they are just what we would be under similar circumstances.”
— Abraham Lincoln

Areas of Expertise

Client services, social media, editing, content creation, project management, market research, ideating


B.A. in Creative Advertising with a minor in Creative Writing from Michigan State University


With LKF Marketing since 2024, in marketing since 2024

Description of Duties

Justin is our Social Media Samurai, a title he’s earned not just from his modest collection of samurai swords but predominantly through his sharp wit and the poetic precision with which he crafts our clients’ socials. Like a samurai with his katana, Justin wields words with grace and power, engaging audiences with stories that resonate and incline them toward action.

His outgoing, personable nature tied with his creative mind that loves to ask the “what if” is what molds Justin perfectly to our team. When discussing his favorite aspect of working at LKF, Justin highlights his enthusiasm for learning about our diverse group of clients—what they do and, more importantly, why they do it. Like the rest of us, Justin is driven by the "why”, because that leaves a mark as lasting as any legendary swordfight.

Fun Facts

To keep the creative juices flowing, Justin reads plenty of fiction novels, watches anime, and adventures in the great outdoors with disc golf and his longboard. One of Justin’s unique skills is his ability to lockpick with just a paper clip. (A heads-up to his officemate, Account Coordinator Lucy Wilde, who keeps her stash of Girl Scout Cookies in her desk!)

While he enjoyed the four years spent in East Lansing, Justin inevitably returned to his Kalamazoo roots. (Which we’re glad about!) Justin’s biggest pet peeve? When people have nothing to say after watching a movie—every story deserves a reaction, preferably more than just “it was fine.” We can’t argue with that!