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Identity Projects at LKF

At LKF Marketing, we want our clients to look good and be recognizable in a variety of formats. Doing so requires starting with a name, logo, and tagline that clearly and concisely speak to an organization’s brand and offerings. Partnering with us for identity projects includes assistance with naming, logos, color schemes, elevator speeches, and more. Check out samples of our identity projects!

Digital Projects at LKF

We know that a company’s web presence is its 24/7 salesperson. As such, LKF works with our clients to create responsive websites and digital work that accurately represent their organizations, set them apart from their competition, and educate and engage visitors. We mix captivating design with good content, clear calls to action, and user-friendly design and functionality to create striking websites. View samples of our digital work!

Print Projects at LKF

Although we live in a digital world, print is still a key marketing tactic. LKF Marketing partners with our clients to understand how they interact with their audiences and suggest the most appropriate print pieces for their unique needs. From business cards and collateral materials to brochures and postcards, we design pieces for high impact and then work with trusted vendors to produce engaging and informative printed pieces. Check out some examples of our print work!

Experience Projects at LKF

LKF Marketing doesn’t shy away experience projects! We enjoy tackling one-of-a-kind projects as well as more traditional experience work. We excel at designing and producing immersive displays, event planning, vehicle graphics, trade show theming, and much more. If you need to create an impressive experience, we can come up with an inviting and interesting solution! View samples of our experience projects!

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Industry Insight

II story photo July

Advantages (& Shakespearean Analogies) Abound with External Design Partnerships

By the LKF Creative Team

To design in-house or not to design in-house? That is the question!

This question is very Shakespearian, yet easily answered. Yes, work with an external agency! May we recommend LKF Marketing?

Deciding against in-house design will help you achieve better results, knock your boss’ socks off, and just plain make your life easier!

Are we biased? Did Hamlet have family drama? Yes, and yes...

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