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By Heather Isch

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started to touch down, our immediate thoughts were, “What would our world look like in a month, 6 months, a year? What would business look like for us and for our clients?”

We buckled up for the ride and decided a little research was needed to help us navigate the upcoming months. This evolved into what we now call our LKF Industry Forecast—a compilation of research from a variety of industries on what their businesses would look like now and how they are projected to look in the future.

Once we completed the research, we thought, “Why not share this with our clients?”

And with that, private, invitation-only, roundtables were born.

At these roundtable events we talked through the research we uncovered along with our ideas on what the world is going to look like in the coming months and how marketing can keep businesses from slowing down important functions including sales and customer relations.

Our top takeaways from our research include:

  • We are facing a W-shaped recovery and may not see growth until 2022, according to Comerica.
  • People will continue remote work after the pandemic creating new challenges for employers, developers, and real estate professionals.
  • Companies will increase their reliance on analytics and digital products.
  • People have increased their consumption of news and are willing to pay for it.
  • More products will be manufactured in America post-pandemic.
  • We will see an increase in use and demand for digital tools like e-commerce and AI.
  • Companies that innovate during this time will come out of this period stronger.

Companies that partner with other disciplines to help them reimagine will be stronger—think psychologists, sociologists, futurists, marketers, and technologists.

Want to get in on the next Industry Forecast Roundtable? Great! Current clients are welcome to participate in future events. Please contact your LKF account team for more information.

If you’re not a current LKF client, contact us and let us know how we can help you advance your marketing efforts! Once you are part of the family, we’ll save a seat for you at the next roundtable!