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By Alyssa Benson

Before I joined LKF, I spent the first half of my career working for companies and organizations in internal marketing roles. This meant my day-to-day was spent immersed in every little detail of that organization and its marketing and communication needs.

If someone needed a brochure, I was on it. When we needed to showcase our latest accomplishments, mark me down for penning our latest press release.

However, when the time came to evaluate the overall marketing and communications strategy that would propel our organization to future growth, I often felt like a piece was missing.

Sure, my colleagues and I had a passion for our organization. And we knew every little detail and the ins and outs better than anyone possibly could, but there was something still missing—an outside perspective.

When it came to developing my organization’s marketing strategy, I learned the benefit of looking beyond my organization. Bringing in someone with a fresh perspective helped me see what was right in front of me differently and uncover elements that I was blind to while immersed in my day-to-day tasks.

At one of my positions, we hired LKF to be our external eyes. The LKF team helped us realize and implement a holistic marketing strategy and identified other tactics to help our organization keep growing successfully.

With an outside party facilitating the strategy development, my colleagues and I were able to share our immense knowledge about our organization while letting LKF ask questions and challenge us to move outside of any limiting beliefs and perspectives.

Hiring LKF also meant that we were able to take advantage of skill sets that we didn’t necessarily possess internally, giving us an additional leg up without adding additional members to our team.

The result was a robust strategy and plan that we never could have crafted ourselves, and not because we lacked passion or expertise. We simply needed additional perspectives.

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