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By Dylan Cooper

Postponements of in-person events and eventual cancellations as a result of COVID-19 left many companies with marketing efforts and funds dedicated to trade shows scrambling. As the threat of a second wave of outbreak looms, many companies are questioning how to effectively promote their brand without in-person interaction for the foreseeable future.

Our answer? Go digital!

With digital avenues all around us, there are many ways to gather the impressions you were hoping for at your favorite trade show—just in virtual form.

1. Reach out to the trade show representatives or your media representatives.

Many cancelled trade shows are offering enhanced digital services that are often cheaper than attending the show yet deliver the impressions you depended on in-person interactions for. Options may include:

  • Sponsorship opportunities.
  • Webinars and podcasts.
  • eBlast opportunities and ads.
  • Website ads.

We’re experts in working with reps to find the most innovative solutions that will work for you!

2. Beef up your web presence.

With many people still working from home, your company’s website is more important now than ever before. Use the time and budget you had allocated for trade shows to update your website with new content and offerings.

Once your content is spruced up, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be utilized to drive users to your website. These methods will help replace in-person leads in an easily trackable and editable format.

3. Rethink your trade show strategy for next year.

Maybe you are not 100% comfortable with digital advertising and want to keep your trade show acumen in top-top shape to be ready for when trade shows are possible again. Start looking at what you have been doing at trade shows past and see what can be tweaked for next year.

From a new booth, new offering, or a different sales or lead generation strategy, utilize this time to be ahead of the game!

We hope trade shows are going to be a viable part of marketing strategies again in the near future. Until then, it’s important to adapt marketing strategies to ensure that you continue to reach your target audiences.

Look on the bright side of things; at least setting up a digital campaign, sprucing up your website, running ads, and brainstorming future events do not require booth set-up and tear down!

As always, the LKF team is available to help you in all of these trade show alternatives and more. Contact us to determine the best way to reallocate your trade show dollars and make a plan for the future.