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By Sara Ramaker and Alyssa Benson

“Set it and forget it.” What does the old informercial tagline have to do with content strategy? Planning and ease of use! According to the old late-night ads, “Once you’ve followed all the instructions, you can set it and forget it!”

(Admit it, you’re considering Googling Ronco right now, right? Here’s a clip to save you some time.)

Okay, now back to the meat and potatoes of this Industry Insight (pun intended!).

We all get overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks, last-minute emergencies, and stuck in meetings that take way too long. It’s easy to skip posting a blog, sending an enews, or posting on social media all because you don’t have time to figure out what to share. But, by establishing a content plan months in advance, you can take the guesswork out of content just like Ron Popeil took the hassle out of in-home rotisserie use in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In the world of content marketing, a well-established content plan serves as your daily instructions on what to share, when, and how, ensuring that content doesn’t fall by the wayside during your fast-paced work week and providing consistent interaction with your audiences.

At LKF Marketing, we encourage our clients to create content plans at least three months in advance. Depending on the client, content plans may include combinations of social media posts, enews, blog posts, and white papers.

At a minimum, we suggest scheduling what topics and methods of communication you will utilize on a weekly basis. Some clients take the planning a step further to include drafting all materials in advance for later distribution or even pass on pre-approved content to others for publishing and posting according to the content plan.

Consider LKF your Ronco Rotisserie when it comes to content. We are here to help you determine what methods of communication are best suited to your organization and goals, developing a content plan that includes topics, timing, and reporting on ROI.

LKF’s content offerings can be scaled to your needs and preference.

Whatever level of assistance you need, LKF can deliver content strategy assistance. The degree of “set it and forget it” is up to you!

It’s not too late to start planning for the first quarter of 2020. Contact us today to discuss your content strategy needs!