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By Martha Nicholson

Looking for more hours in the day? How many marketing managers feel overwhelmed by the many tasks on their desk each day? Outsourcing can be a great solution.

One area that many of LKF Marketing's clients take advantage of is our media buying services.

How great would it be to have us field all the calls from various media representatives, investigate rate cards, negotiate deals, and analyze the circulation and distribution of various media channels?

Well, at LKF we've been helping our clients add hours to their day for nearly 30 years! We have media planning, buying, and trafficking down to a science!

Our clients look to us to plan the most effective media buys aligned with their business objectives and budget concerns. The best part is that most clients don't pay any more for our services than they would if they placed the media themselves.

We get paid a commission by the various media channels and that covers the fees for our services. Over the years we have built deep, national networks that allow us to negotiate value added campaigns, leverage relationships with a wide variety of industry news outlets, and digital networks to deliver the most effective media campaigns.

Many of our longest clients utilize our media buying services, including Hastings Fiberglass Products and J.M. Wilson. We've partnered with each company to provide media buying services customized for their specific goals and audiences.

Dave Baum, CEO of Hastings Fiberglass Products, sees a big difference in his marketing results since partnering with LKF.

"We had been doing in-house marketing for several years without really knowing how effective our efforts were. We decided it was time to take it to the next level and talked to some marketing firms," Baum said.

"We choose LKF Marketing and have been pleased with the results over the last 15 years. We started getting quarterly reporting showing how effective our ad campaigns were and which publications and websites were working as well as which were not effective.

"They also are able to secure much better placements in the media than we ever could. Today, we have a highly effective media plan thanks to the team at LKF Marketing!" Baum added.

Cathy Baldwin, Director of Marketing and Communication at J.M. Wilson, has relied on LKF's experience for media buying for more than 15 years.

"LKF is able to work with multiple publications to negotiate the best rates, study the distribution and readership of publications, and juggle all of the different specifications each publication has for ads," Baldwin said.

"With the well-researched suggestions they provide, I am able to make the best decisions possible within my budget. Having LKF Marketing handle this piece of J.M. Wilson's marketing efforts is extremely valuable to me," she said.

If you would like to know more about LKF's media buying services, please contact us. We'd love to help you grow your business and grow your industry networks!