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By Heather Isch & Sara Ramaker

The world has changed and technology has everything to do with it.

We no longer have just two or three types of media publicizing everything from headlines and new products to industry insights and consumer trends. The internet made it possible for individuals to customize how they receive and secure information.

For marketers, the addition of media platforms can be viewed as a major headache or job security depending on your point of view. At LKF, we see the ever-changing media landscape as a playground or puzzle requiring specific pieces for each client's unique message and audience.

Enter content marketing - a true answer to customer demands!

Customers today want to be educated by, connected with, and in a conversation with the brands or organizations they support and love. No one wants to be sold to.

We believe that a solid content strategy delivers valuable information to buyers on a consistent basis. In return, buyers reward our good behavior with their business and loyalty.

Good content strategy aligns with other marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization to ensure web content ranks well with search engines. All roads should lead to your website and the reward to the prospect should be the information they seek.

So, where do you begin? How do you know what content customers want? How do you know what to share? How do you know where to share your content? It all starts with strategy and understanding your customer.

Here are five key ingredients to get you started:

  • Set specific goals and objectives
  • Define the types of content to be created and distributed
  • Define the topics that content will be created around
  • Research and select the channels that will be used to publish and share content
  • Secure the resources required to carry out the plan

Understanding all the tools available and how to leverage them can be a daunting task. Visit Geekers Magazine for their list of the "Top Five Social Media Sites for 2016."

Engaging a firm like LKF Marketing in the beginning stages of your plan development can be helpful in securing better results upon launch. Consider us the guiding force in your content strategy tool kit! Contact us for more information.