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KALAMAZOO, Mich. - Jennifer Hauschild has rejoined the staff of LKF Marketing as Creative Director after a four-year sabbatical. With a wealth of print and web design experience, concept creation, and project management experience, Hauschild's role at LKF is to oversee the agency's creative department and work with other departments to ensure that all design products are well-designed for aesthetics and usability.

Originally hired as a Graphic Designer at the agency in 1993, Hauschild worked her way up to Creative Director before leaving in June 2012 to start her own design firm. Known as Hauschild Design, her business focused on print and web projects.

Hauschild earned a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Industrial Technology Engineering from Central Michigan University.

"Jennifer spent 19 years with LKF before starting her own design firm," said Heather Isch, President of LKF. "Her experiences as part of our agency and on her own made her the logical person to approach when a spot on our team opened up. She has an immense amount of experience and talent and we are happy to have her back at LKF."

Hauschild lives with her husband in Kalamazoo. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, cooking, biking, hiking, and running.

She is the fourth new hire at LKF Marketing this year and the fifth employee hired since Heather Isch purchased the business in November 2015.

LKF Marketing is a full-service marketing communications agency located in downtown Kalamazoo. Since 1989, LKF has helped businesses and organizations achieve their marketing goals through strategic planning, results-driven creative execution, and communication tactics.