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By Martha Nicholson

For years, LKF Marketing has helped clients create beautiful presentations that elevate them above the competition.

We select the best tool for the audience and the message that needs to be conveyed.

PowerPoint, Prezi, and Intuiface are often in our arsenal.

Before getting started, it's important to consider four things before selecting a tool:

  1. Who is the audience?
  2. Will audio, images, and video be included?
  3. How flexible or fluid should the presentation be?
  4. How should the information be stored and secured?

With answers in hand, you may decide that PowerPoint doesn't offer enough impact for your needs. Prezi or Intuiface could be a better option!

Prezi delivers visual content in a unique way. This flash-based software allows the user to create a presentation using a large, blank canvas that can include custom images, videos, and music instead of traditional slides like PowerPoint.

What sets Prezi apart from other presentation software is that Prezi is non-linear. This allows for the presentation to be treated more like a conversation and enhances flexibility; a concept LKF took advantage of when developing a presentation for Great Lakes West (GLW).

When GLW had the opportunity to pitch a large account, we wanted to create an engaging presentation that would easily answer questions and provide explanations without wasting any time.

Another unique feature Prezi has is its zoom function. This feature enables the presenter to simply click the background and the presentation will zoom out or into an overview of the object, allowing the presenter to further expand on ideas smoothly and naturally.

LKF capitalized on this feature with the GLW presentation to showcase their beautiful project examples. Multiple images for each project were included on one canvas allowing the opportunity to zoom in on the image and explain into further detail.

Intuiface is another software in LKF’s presentation arsenal. This multi-touch application allows the user to create data-based, interactive experiences akin to information kiosks and sales pitches.

LKF recently used Intuiface to create an interactive application for use by Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions’ (GDTS) salespeople at trade shows. Created to not only engage passersby with information about GDTS using an iPad, the app also gathers leads from user engagements as well.

Similar to Prezi, Intuiface is a non-linear presentation that flows with the conversation and permits the user to go in and out of topics with ease.

A characteristic that both software share is cloud connectivity. Presentations can be updated on the fly without the hassle of having to make sure the most up-to-date version is saved to your flash drive. Presentations can also be easily shared.

For GLW’s Prezi piece, LKF simply made whatever updates were needed and share the Prezi link via the cloud to the client.

Similarly, when updating the presentation for GDTS, we uploaded revisions to the Intuiface app for client access.

Although PowerPoint has been the go-to for presentations since its inception, there are other methods that can be more effective. LKF has opted to use Prezi and Intuiface for more dynamic and engaging experiences that boost our clients above their competition and make their presentations more memorable and modern.

LKF would love to assist you with your next big presentation! If you have any questions about dynamic presentation design, please contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you.