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By Lisa Moore

Picture this. You are the owner of a business that produces doorknobs for properties throughout the Great Lakes Region. Your staff is experienced, your brand is well-known, and your work is impeccable. There is only one problem; your current website is on its last legs and your web budget is a bit tight.

Stuck at a crossroads, you feel like your only options are to mortgage your home and hire a one-trick pony of a vendor to build a pricey website or succumb to a cheap alternative that’s lacking many of the security and strategic features vital to web success and visibility in today’s digital world. What do you do?

Answer: partner with LKF Marketing for an innovative and efficient alternative!

A dynamic website doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. That is why LKF developed our latest web offering knowns as McConimore®, an LKF-designed WordPress theme.

True to LKF’s culture, McConimore features a quirky name backed by intelligent and innovative marketing expertise.

Created by designer extraordinaire Allison McKenna and programming wizard Jeremy Conley with SEO, technology, and project management expertise from yours truly, this project was nameless for months as we focused on design, coding, security, usability, SEO, and ease of use and updates.

After seeing the work our three-person think tank put into create the theme, LKF Content Strategist Sara Ramaker suggested the name McConimore to pay homage to the many nights of lost sleep we all invested in this project.

This web option is more than a witty name. It is tailor-made for organizations looking to produce a quality website that ranks well in SEO and is chock full of security features without committing to an extreme web budget.

In fact, all McConimore sites benefit from:

  • Sound and holistic strategy.
  • A quick launch process.
  • Design flexibility.
  • User-friendly editing option.
  • Stability.
  • Straightforward updates.
  • A light coding footprint resulting in faster page speed.

Building upon this smorgasbord of key features, each McConimore site is backed by LKF’s expertise and partnership. That’s right! We’re not going to leave you and your site at the altar like Julia Roberts in a 90s rom-com. If a question or issue arises, McConimore users can count on LKF to answer the call.

Just like our partnerships with clients, the McConimore theme will continually evolve with each new design feature and functionality we add. Following a super speedy theme update, McConimore sites will be able to implement new features extending the initial investment in site development long into the future.

By combining big-budget features with a palatable price tag, our team filled a need in our market that has not been readily addressed for years. As the world becomes increasingly more digital and remote, new and updated websites are needed every day.

The development of McConimore is yet another example of our commitment to really listening to what our clients need and meeting their goals through innovation.

For more than 25 years, LKF has built websites and helped our clients evolve within the everchanging realm of web design. McConimore gives us a platform to deliver the expertise we have gained as an agency within the budget of a freelance designer or developer’s budget. It also provides our clients with a team-based partnership that goes beyond the website’s launch.

With help from LKF, creating a new and high-quality website does not have to be a stressful, budget-squashing ordeal. Contact us today to learn how McConimore can elevate your business’ web presence!