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Promotional materials by LKF are designed to “bee” smart.

Immediately after being hired as FBN’s agency of record, LKF Marketing audited the manufacturing company’s promotional materials. To date, LKF has applied FBN’s updated corporate identity to business collateral, sales materials, notebooks, t-shirts, and more.

A first impression must always be memorable, which is why LKF knew it was important for FBN’s notebooks, as well as its cards and envelopes, to feature key information like the organization’s logo, “Bee Better, Think Smarter” tagline and its accompanying “Bee” icon.

Including these elements positions FBN as a manufacturer that uses its technology and personnel to provide the smartest solutions for each client. This consistent approach to branding helps FBN clients and prospects understand the type of partner they are engaging.

Additionally, LKF designed t-shirts with FBN’s logo on the front and the “Bee Better, Think Smarter” tagline on the back. Orange, blue, and light-green versions of the t-shirt in the company’s primary and accent colors were distributed to staff members to be worn at casual company events as well as plant visits.

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Account service, competitive analysis, experience design, graphic design

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