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By Jennifer Hauschild

There is something to be said about an organization’s ability to pivot and improvise when faced with an obstacle. By recognizing the challenges that face an industry and applying some innovation, a business can adapt quickly, more effectively, and continue to thrive.

At LKF Marketing, we recognize the importance of getting creative and staying flexible when it comes to marketing tactics. With many organizations being forced to take a virtual approach to business in 2020 and beyond, it is essential for brands to translate well in a virtual space.

Many of our clients have reached out to us in the past year for help transforming what used to be in-person tactics for virtual use. Discover how we helped FBN and MCM shift their marketing strategies to present their brands virtually.

Sales Presentations with Style and Substance

As a manufacturer of aftermarket replacement parts for bottling and capping lines, FBN relied heavily on face-to-face interaction. In fact, pre-pandemic, its sales team travelled to bottling plants all over the world to sell parts.

When the travel restrictions hit, the Plainwell-based manufacturer realized it needed a tool to advertise its culture and products in a virtual setting and turned to LKF for help. Together, we created an interactive PDF that assisted FBN’s sales representatives in pitching products during virtual sales calls.

The PDF’s features include:

  • Coordinated and consistent branding and messaging.
  • Interactive buttons and navigation links.
  • Custom infographics.
  • Product specification.
  • Customizable sales contact information.
  • Background information regarding FBN.
  • A short list of notable clients.

An ever-evolving tool, the PDF can be customized as more products are added to FBN’s catalog and updated to match the information for the specific salesperson giving the presentation.

Built to be interactive, the PDF features a horizontal layout to fit standard computer screens, and includes clickable navigation for easy maneuverability. The PDF can also be sent to prospective clients after each presentation as a stand-alone piece.

By creating a document that was easy to use, flexible, and dynamic, FBN is able to continue their sales process efficiently without leaving their home offices.

An Online Pipeline for In-Person Talent

As a full-service mechanical contracting company that has served west Michigan for more than 30 years, MCM’s greatest asset has always been its highly skilled staff. With such an emphasis on personnel, it is important that MCM has an available pipeline of talent that can fill open positions. One way the organization meets this need is by attending career fairs.

In October 2020, MCM attended Ferris State University’s Virtual Career and Internship Fair. As the name implies, this event was completely virtual and required each participant to create a booth that creatively explained the company.

An LKF client since 2014, MCM knew just who to turn to for help in creating assets and customizing the booth to communicate the company’s brand to prospective hires.

The project included:

  • Creative assets such as virtual booth banners and posters.
  • Helping to solidify and implement company profile elements and job descriptions.
  • Linking to pages on MCM’s website and social media platforms.

In addition to these services, we also assisted in organizing chat times between booth visitors and MCM representatives.

Innovative & Intelligent Marketing Solutions

Since 1989, LKF has provided marketing solutions. While we certainly never expected the curveballs that 2020 threw at us, we developed innovative and intelligent solutions to help our clients not only survive, but thrive, in the new remote world.

Whatever the future holds, we are ready to provide our clients with the best solution for their needs.

If you are interested in discovering how LKF can help elevate your organization’s branding, contact us and make sure you are subscribed to our enews list!