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By Brian McWilliams & Martha Nicholson

No one likes to put their time and effort into a project and send it off into the world only to discover an error. Once a card with an incorrect phone number has been mailed to your entire client list, a billboard with a sponsor's name misspelled has been unveiled to 30,000 daily passersby, or a website months in the making goes live with typos throughout the homepage, there is little recourse to erase the mistake from your clientele and the public's memory bank.

We hate that feeling! While these errors are few and far between at LKF Marketing (knock on wood), no one is perfect. In an effort to take our quality control to the next level we utilize a variety of fail-safes to ensure that every project we complete has been reviewed for grammar and spelling errors and clarity as well as accessibility and usability on a variety of devices and browsers.

For print products, we utilize a "Three Eye Proofing" process in which three different members of our staff proof the piece. We strive to ensure that two of the three proofers are unfamiliar with the project. Being removed from the various drafts allows the proofers to see the text and design for what it is rather than the iterations and drafts it evolved from.

We even affix stickers to each piece to record which staff members proofed a particular project and ensure that a spell check was completed on the text.

Proofing web projects takes the process a step further. In addition to grammar, clarity, and spelling, our web projects are also tested to ensure proper rendering and access on a variety of devices and browsers including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

We specifically use BrowserStack to verify that a client's website looks just as good in Internet Explorer as it does in Firefox or Chrome. This helpful tool allows us to test our sites in all relevant browsers and emulate a variety of mobile devices.

All in all, we do our best to make sure every project that leaves our agency is the best it can be inside and out. We look forward to putting this sort of effort and dedication into your next project! Contact us to learn more.