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By Ashley Vuocolo & Carrie Largent

Social media… some can’t live with it; some can’t live without it! No matter your opinion on social media, it can’t be denied that it’s popular and growing by the millisecond in ways that we never thought were possible before.

Each year, new social media trends and platforms become the next “it-girl” of the internet world. In this month’s LKF Marketing Industry Insight, we want to focus on what you should be doing for the rest of 2023 to optimize your social media accounts, set goals for social media, stay in the running against competitors online, and get the best value out of time spent when developing and/or continuing your social media presence.

In a recent article, Meltwater took a deep dive into social media that our crew thought was worth sharing with our LKF family. The article gave a report showing findings from 1,700+ marketing and communications professionals globally.

Below are some highlights from the report that LKF found most beneficial and will be carrying in our back pockets for the remainder of the year. We also created a graphic to help sum up some of the points.

  • Most used social media channels:
    • Facebook (89%)
    • LinkedIn (87%)
    • Instagram (84%)
    • YouTube (67%)
    • Twitter (66%)
  • LinkedIn is the biggest B2B network.
  • Video content is among the top trends with TikTok as the center of attention.
    • TikTok is the fastest-growing channel at 47% growth.
  • Top goals for social media:
    • Raising brand awareness (81%)
    • Raising brand engagement (60%)
  • Top social media metrics:
    • Engagement (80%)
    • Followers (65%)
    • Website traffic (59%)
  • 31% of respondents say marketing leads are an important metric to track. With that being said, the top 2 goals for social media were brand related, and only 23% use brand reputation as a key metric.
  • The biggest growth area in social media marketing spend is video production (55%).
  • Main social media challenges:
    • Finding time and resources (49%)
    • Measuring overall impact (46%)
    • Building brands, growing followers, and increasing engagement (40%)

There's a lot to consider when putting the time and care into your social media content, platforms, and overall presence. The fun news is that when you have the perfect strategy and the right team, you’ll be able to reach (and even exceed) social media goals and see the ROI with the help of tracking data and analytics.

You may be thinking, “I already do a majority of these things, but what else from the list should we incorporate next?”

Our answer: Video!

As seen in the stats above, video content is the #1 trend in popularity on social media platforms across the board. Here at LKF, we have been focusing on our clients’ event calendars to capture videos; what upcoming tradeshows, networking events, or other events are you hosting? Don’t be shy, extend an invite to your LKF family and we’ll capture great video content that can be posted later on. (We’re also just fun to have around. 😉)

Keeping up with our clients’ websites, collateral materials, and other social media content to see where we can build video content is a key thing we’ve been focusing on lately as well.

Here are some examples of recent video projects we’ve completed:

If you’re interested in some help with capturing videos to share online, spicing up your content calendar, auditing your social media channels, or even developing a killer long-term social media strategy, contact your account team at LKF!

We love all things social media and want to help you love it, too!