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By Sara Ramaker

We tried blogging, but struggled with consistency.

Podcasts are great, but we don’t have the infrastructure.

My team has a wealth of knowledge, but they aren’t comfortable writing about it.

Our marketing person just quit. Help!

Marketing isn’t your first priority. We get that. Your staff is busy meeting and exceeding customer expectations, innovating solutions, and networking.

That’s why partnering with LKF Marketing for content development can relieve internal workloads while increasing your organization’s thought leadership positioning and audience engagement. Since our inception in 1989, LKF has assisted countless clients with content development needs from traditional blogs and website content to podcasts, social media, and more.

Engineering Speak Mixed with SEO, Lead Generation

Established less than two years before LKF became Rosler’s agency of record, the Rosler blog needed better engagement and increased lead generation.

LKF delivered accurate, technical information regarding Rosler’s mass finishing machines and services by writing each post utilizing information provided by Rosler’s engineers and their CEO.

We create customer-focused blog posts, enews alerts, corresponding machine insights, and social posts to demonstrate Rosler’s solutions-driven expertise in mass finishing. We utilize information provided by Rosler to craft technical content incorporating SEO-friendly terms and tactics to increase general web and social media traffic to the blog.

Blog and machine insight content are shared weekly with upwards of 5,000 targeted contacts via the blog site, enews, and social media. Overall efforts have increased website traffic and lead generation.

Connecting with and Promoting Community

Launched in March 2014 with assistance from LKF, KzooConnect is a weekly blog promoting the unique aspects that make Kalamazoo a great place to live, work, and play. Owned by The Kalamazoo Promise, it also shares opportunities and success stories related to the scholarship and the benefits it provides to local students leading up to, during, and after pursuing higher education.

LKF provides strategic planning, content development, enews, posting, hosting, and social media management services for KzooConnect and its supporting marketing pieces.

Today, KzooConnect has nearly 400 blog entries, and a devoted, subscriber base that is always growing. Blog posts and other community content is shared on Facebook and Twitter multiple times a week.

Filling in the Gaps, Eliminating Additional Hires

JM Wilson is a Managing General Agency and Surplus Lines Broker formed in 1920. With eight locations nationwide and a century of experience, the organization has earned a reputation as a leader in the insurance industry and has a large staff spread across the country.

An LKF client since 1994, we’ve partnered with JM Wilson on hundreds of projects to date. In order to have more impact in the digital space, the organization decided to lean on us for additional content support rather than hiring and training a new employee to oversee their monthly blog posts and robust social media schedule.

JM Wilson’s staff members collaborate with LKF staff to create SEO-friendly blogs with beautiful imagery for the company’s 10 social media channels paying careful attention to rotate focus and share viewpoints from across the country.

Growing a Networking of Professionals

Wanting to create a platform where discussions about culture, talent recruitment, growth, and marketing could be hosted, Welsh & Associates partnered with LKF to create The Welsh Wire podcast.

LKF assists podcast host and Welsh & Associates’ President and CEO Sheri Welsh with topics, scheduling, podcast posting, and sharing the content via enews and social media.

A small, but mighty team including Sheri, podcasting moderator Mike Rogers, and three members of the LKF team make this podcast happen twice a month. Demonstrating that content creation and distribution can be streamlined, The Welsh Wire is a great example of what can be accomplished by a well-oiled machine.

Since its inception in 2018, the podcast has shared a variety of industry experiences and insights with listeners in more than 75 episodes.

The Best Content is a Team Effort

In each of these client examples, we partnered with our clients to develop and distribute effective content that furthered their brand identity, opened the door for other strategic opportunities, increased overall web traffic, and generated leads for clients.

Whether the need for LKF’s content services rose out of a need to leverage existing efforts, create something totally new, or reduce corporate marketing expense, we delivered expert content strategy that delivered client defined results. And we are eager to do the same for you!

If you’re interested in discovering what LKF can do for your company’s content development, contact us. Be sure to subscribe to our enews list for all the latest updates as well!