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A multi-faceted website draws support and shares updates about Gull Lake Dam.

One of the most effective tools in a nonprofit engagement and support of its fundraising goals is a clean and informative web presence. That’s why LKF Marketing created a website for Gull Lake Dam Association (GLDA) which clearly stated the need for and benefits of the dam repair project.

LKF prioritized building a donation portal within the site allowing for convenient and secure donations. This portal also featured a progress bar that would inform visitors how far along the GLDA was in meeting its goal.

Along with accepting donations, GLDA’s website uses photographs to convey the history and culture of both Gull Lake and the Gull Lake Dam. The site includes background information about the organization and the dam, news related to the repair process, listings of donors and business sponsors, and a news section.

Since exceeding its goal of $670,000 in June 2020 with a total of $993,000, GLDA’s site now primarily informs users of the latest news related to both the organization and the dam’s repair which began in October 2020.

Services Provided

Account service, copywriting, experience design, graphic design, programming, search engine optimization, strategic planning, usability and accessibility analysis, website architecture planning

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