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LKF helped the company re-establish itself on the web as a new brand.

In early 2017, Ayres-Rice Insurance Group was referred to LKF Marketing for rebranding efforts. The team became known as Trust Shield Insurance Group (Trust Shield) and LKF was tasked with rebranding the company and creating all the tools in their marketing arsenal from scratch including a website.

Serving as a 24/7 salesperson, the website is a clean and informative adaptation of the customer-focused organization. The header that is shown universally on the site focuses on the main actions user may wish to take, including contacting Trust Shield, making a claim, paying a bill, or searching the site. With user experience and search engine optimization at the forefront during the planning phase, LKF organized the site by its four offering groups. Each section contains details about each specific coverage offered, what it entails, and who is covered.

Services Provided

Account service, competitive analysis, copywriting, graphic design, hosting, photography, programming, search engine optimization, strategic planning, usability and accessibility analysis, website architecture planning, website maintenance and reporting

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