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Preserving & Promoting Lake Life

Incorporated in 1921, the Gull Lake Dam Association (GLDA) is a nonprofit organization including lakefront property owners, local businesses, and community members that live around and enjoy Gull Lake located near Richland, Mich. The organization’s primary goals are to own, operate, and maintain the Gull Lake Dam and adjust the lake’s water levels as needed.

Originally constructed in the early 1830s, a life cycle engineering study determined that the Gull Lake Dam was well beyond the average dam lifespan of 100 years. The GLDA began working with LKF Marketing in 2018 to develop marketing strategies that would compel residents and local businesses to donate to the $670,000 repair cost.

To date, LKF has partnered with the GLDA to design and develop a website and logo as well as accompanying yard signs and press releases. The GLDA was able to exceed their original goal by raising $993,000 in donations. Construction on the new Gull Lake Dam began in October 2020.

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