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LKF helped create stunning graphics and a staff photo wall.

After working with 633 Group to create a logo, LKF helped the organization create stunning graphics and a staff photo wall for their office entryway.

633 Group is truly a people-driven company. When they turned to LKF for help in stylizing their entryway, we knew the design had to be both impactful and centered on the people that make 633 Group such a success.

We opted to create a 3D, CNC-cut version of their logo, centered above a photo gallery of the 633 staff. The individual staff images were pulled from staff bios and treated with a black and white filter before being printed on acrylic boards and affixed with a frosted, acrylic nameplate in order to add an element of texture.

The project also included a large reproduction of 633 Group’s Core Values installed on their conference room wall as a reminder to internal staff and visitors about the organization’s mission and approach.

Collectively, the business cards and other marketing pieces were awarded a Silver Davey Award in 2018.

Services Provided

Account service, copywriting, experience design, graphic design, photography, strategic planning, vendor management

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