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Shipping off top-notch marketing solutions

In 2023, Binger Shipping Supplies, a family-owned gem in Battle Creek, chose LKF to elevate its digital footprint and achieve new heights.

Leveraging our exclusive McConimoreâ„¢ WordPress theme, we crafted a sleek, highly functional website that showcases Binger's extensive product line, bespoke solutions, and packaging industry expertise.

But we didn't stop there. We developed a refined miniature style guide, refreshed brand colors, and modernized the team's business cards to perfectly align with their new, dynamic brand identity. The website's unique iconography and seamless navigation have empowered Binger to secure larger contracts and attract coveted clients, giving them a powerful competitive edge. With LKF's special touch, Binger Shipping Supplies is now positioned to dominate the market.

Services Provided

Account service, creative concept, copywriting, graphic design, print production, SEO, web development

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