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Mulder's needed help creating and placing billboards in the Kalamazoo.

LKF stepped in to create an outdoor advertising campaign on Mulder's behalf. Relying on demographics and established relationships, our in-house media buyer strategically selected locations within a certain mile radius of Mulder's Ravine Road location to promote the locally-owned business.

The billboards content features the campaign-wide "Get To Work" tagline along with imagery of a shovel in dirt and other landscaping related imagery. The message and photos are simple, leaving the viewer to fill in the specific work they need to get done. The images on the billboards and print ads progress throughout the season, starting with soil imagery and ending with a finished landscape. Whatever the landscaping or gardening need the viewer comes up with, Mulder's is sure to have the supplies and expertise in need.

Due to the seasonal nature of Mulder's business, the billboards have been printed in various sizes and can be reused year to year in different locations around Kalamazoo to promote peak landscaping seasons.

Services Provided

Account service, copywriting, graphic design, media buying, vendor management

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