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LKF created a tasteful poster to promote Michigan Wines.

The purpose of our efforts for The Michigan Craft Beverage Council (Michigan Wines) is to grow Michigan's wine industry by raising awareness of the wines created in the state of Michigan, help vintners who want to start a new winery, encourage wine consumers to try Michigan wines, and increase the number of wineries and wines sold both inside and outside of the state of Michigan. Creating an "Enjoy Michigan Wines" poster was an artistic and fun way to promote the Council and its mission.

LKF created the original Enjoy poster in 2006. The poster was available for wineries and other Michigan Wines fans to feature in their homes and businesses. The intent was to make drinking wine enjoyable and accessible to a large audience, as opposed to wine being something only for the affluent and educated.

More recently, we revised the Enjoy poster to reflect newer design styles while still promoting the Enjoy message. Simple yet illustrative of Michigan Wines' purpose, the design for the poster appeals to wineries, vendors, and consumers alike. With a straightforward presentation of "Enjoy" set behind the Michigan Wines brand standard, the poster includes the web address and serves as an aesthetically pleasing yet not overly sales-focused piece of promotional material.

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Account service, graphic design, vendor management

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